Among the many known sacred places of the Bulgarian land is a sanctuary, still looking for its place in the recent history of Bulgaria, but has already found his place in the hearts of believers… Read the whole sermon

"And charity and generosity you do not forget, because such sacrifices are pleasing to God"

Let us give ourselves a hand and live through our life, filled with love and hope.

Human faith is a value, Christian faith is wisdom, love among people is also a love of God. Life is an endless search for value, wisdom and love. Man is born to discover new things, and with every new thing we come across, we find a higher value which is above all - we find God. But to become acquainted with his holiness, to find out his value and be happy when we feel his spirit in ourselves, we must open up our hearts for him and his words. To provide a fertile soil on wich his words could grew and harvest valuable fruits. And with these fruits, let us be given with spiritual delight. With every word of God, there's a hidden wisdom which makes us wiser and more mature, more able to fight with the difficulties in life. Wisdom is what is not determined by age but by how far this man is ready to follow his dream, to hold the Christian faith and to give love. Only he, who has saw the meaning of the Christian faith and love, knows that every creature needs love. And only a person, who shows the wisdom of God's words, as well as enriching himself from it, may truly love and appreciate the love that has been given to him.

You also may contribute to continue the revival of this Bulgarian Orthodox sanctuary, an indicator of the strong flame of the Bulgarian's faith, who cannot be extinguished by foreign or homeland infidels, and a symbol of the strong faith of the builders of the Bulgarian Spirituality and Church as Prince St. Boris, the holy Cyril and Methodius and their five disciples, St. Evtimius - the Bulgarian patriarch, the revivals and the exarchs. When you visit this holy place, you can buy icons and other souvenirs.

But remember only of Cross Forest, you can do this!

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