Among the many known sacred places of the Bulgarian land is a sanctuary, still looking for its place in the recent history of Bulgaria, but has already found his place in the hearts of believers… Read the whole sermon

Evidence of miracles

The woodland of wonders

Where the mute start talking, the blind start seeing and the crippled begin to walk.

High in the mountains of Bulgaria, there's a miraculous forest, where the sick and dieing go to pray, and return healed! This is an astonishing rumour, coming from Cross forest, where in ancient times part of Christ's cross was buried.

Healing spring of Ayazmo Healing spring of Ayazmo

The legend binds Cross Peak with several events, most of which verified by historical evidences. But there are events from more recent times, which are verified only by eyewitnesses.

Father Arininski recalls: "A young boy who came here, he was paralysed. I laid him next to the cross and sprinkled him with a holy water. Something made me say: 'Rise and kiss the cross', and he did. Today, that boy runs and plays with his friends like it nothing had happened".

"I saw with my own eyes a little blind girl regaining her sight. Three mute boys started to talk and a crippled gypsy woman started to walk"

"Women, who couldn't conceive, got pregnant after prays at the cross".

Stoyanka Krasteva Kutsarova, 43y from Plovdiv, 77 Ruski blvd, 24.05.1993

I had had a stroke and I couldn’t' speak, I came to Cross forest and I regained my abilities to speak. I am very pleased! I'm thanking you our Lord.

Mila Ivanova Mihaylova 16y, Devin

Holy father, hallowed be thy name, our Lord!

Thank you Lord for the curing I received here, at Cross forest. From a sick young girl, thanks to your grace I've recovered and now I feel like a young, bright healthy girl.

Anife Chavdarlieva, Borino village

Today, 15.06.1996, I visit Cross forest once again for a gratitude and love to God. When I visited this holy place for the first time I was with a very serious diagnosis: "Acute renal failure". I was desperate. I stayed at night in the monastery and I strongly believed that here I’ll be healed, I strongly believed in the higher power, in God and the miracle happened. God was with me and he helped me. I was cured! I always come to this place with tremendous gratitude and submission to our Lord.

Thank you God, for your care about us and your protection!

Dimitar Takov

In the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit, amen! When we came at Cross forest for the first time, my daughter was barely seeing, she had eye inflammation and she was hurting. With the first wash of her face with the holy water, our child calmed, she stopped crying and she said that her eyes doesn't hurt her anymore. Two hours later we washed her face one more time and a miracle happened - without asking anything, our child said the her eyes are fine now and everything's alright. We washed her third time and since then, almost five years, our daughter has no problems with her eyes.

I want to tell about another miracle as well, which I have sawn with my own eyes here, at Cross forest. We went there again with my daughter and wife, as well with a very good friend of mine. Around 23:45, the sky above the cross illuminated in a bright light, after which the whole path way lighted up, the little rocks shined as well as it seemed. The fourth of us were staying numb for about 15-20 seconds. There were other people around, but they had seen nothing. We couldn't find an explanation, how is it possible that we saw such a bright light, and the others saw nothing. Then the reverend and the priest's wife explained to us, that this is something that only God chooses to whom he'll show it.

Glory to our Father, Son a Holy Spirit! Amen!

Glory to our Lord!

I am a leader to a group from the town of Chirpan. I brought a boy from our town, who hadn't spoken in the last 13 years. After three visitations the boy started to talk. In assurance to who might be interested, the kid's name is Marin Stefanov, Miladinovi Brothers str. 13 years old, Town of Chirpan.

25.09.1999. Dobrinka Stavreva, City of Bourgas

Glory to our God! My daughter-in-law had serious gynecological problem, with a doctor's opinion that she won't conceive in a normal way. After two unsuccessful tries with an "in vitro" method... with the God's help, after our visit of Cross forest, I have a grandson, good and healthy, 5 months of age.

I am all in tremor and all in ears,

Let the Holy Spirit guard us all!

Let there be gladness in our home,

and in delight let everyone shout,

or the God's gift let him speak,

and his mercy to demonstrate!

Raina Georgieva Stoyanova. Vladislavovo district, building 309. entrance 1 app. 3, Varna

I am thankful to God, that on 9.05.1998, healed my daughter Aleksandrina Stoyanova's tumor in her womb - without surgical intervention, and my granddaughter Rayne Slavcheva after the Holy liturgy speaks normally ever since.

These are only a few of the miracles who took place at Cross forest! And it is true, dear reader, God's grace is infinite, sublime and holy! When we ask for something from our Saviour with a pray, faith and pure heart, He'll reply to our request and he'll wipe out every bodily and spiritual suffering of ours. So will his mother, the holy, immaculate Virgin Mary, the mother of all mothers do, always helping to all the suffering and seeking her help and intercession to her son and Lord Jesus Christ!

Don't be ashamed, open your hearts and you'll receive help from them!

A father stepped in front of the Saviour Jesus Christ and begged him for his son who had seizures, and on full moon the child always foamed and fainted. "Please, help him if you can!" - said the father to Jesus Christ.

"Do you believe that I can heal him?" - asked Jesus the father. "Yes, I do my Lord! Help my lack of confidence!"

And so are we like that father, more or less, we turn to our Saviour: "We believe, our Lord, help us for our skepticism!"